Visiting The Building

ALL persons are required to report to the school office for permission to visit any area in the building.  For your child's safety, all visitors and parents are asked to come to the office to sign in and receive a visitor's pass.

Visitor and Volunteer Sign‑in

All persons visiting the building are required to report to the school office for permission to visit any area of the building.

When visiting the building, please check in at the visitor's table in the hallway outside the main office. While in the building, you must wear a visitor's pass at all times for security reasons. These can be printed using the computer at the check-in location.

Parents should not go to the classroom to drop things off for their children as it interrupts the instructional program for all students.  Please come to the main office and needed items will be delivered to your child.

When you volunteer, please check-in at the visitor's table, as well.  Directions for recording volunteer hours will be given at our Volunteer Orientation.

Volunteer Guidelines

Sparks Elementary has enjoyed the support of many parents in a variety of volunteer roles.  We encourage your involvement in the Sparks' school program.  Volunteers can serve in both instructional and non-instructional roles.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at school please contact your child's teacher, the office staff, or the PTA to inquire as to how you may be of assistance.

To ensure a safe and quiet learning environment, infants and younger siblings are not permitted in the classrooms while parents are volunteering. Please make arrangements for child care prior to volunteering.

During the month of September there will be orientation meetings for interested volunteers. State Law requires that all volunteers be trained annually in Child Abuse and Neglect policies and procedures. In addition, when volunteering in the building, you must wear a "volunteer identification badge" that will be printed when you log into the computer located outside of our front office.

Baltimore County Public Schools require that all school volunteers complete a " Volunteer Service Form" prior to volunteering in school or for school - related activities such as field trips.  These forms are available in the office.