School Records

At the beginning of each school year, parents will be asked to review their child's student contact sheet to make sure all information is up-to-date. The information on these cards is used to contact parents when a child becomes ill or is injured, therefore, the importance of up-to-date information is imperative.

If you have legal custody of your child, please make an appointment early in the year to see the administration or guidance counselor to discuss this matter.  Custody papers and other related legal documents are required to be on file at school.

Report Card

Good communication between parents/guardians and teacher is very important to the educational process.  There are four reporting periods during the school year.  The report cards will be distributed during the months of November for the first term, January for the second term, April for the third term, and for the fourth quarter on the last day of school in June. First graders will only receive report cards in February, May and June, Conferences will be held with first grade parents in November.

Home/School Communication Folder

Every child at Sparks will receive his/her very own home/school communication folder.  This folder is to go home every night and be returned by students on the next school day.  Items such as bulletins, information from teachers, and homework will go home nightly in the folders.  Parents are asked to review the folder nightly, pull out appropriate materials, and check homework.  In turn, parents can use the folder to communicate with teachers, as well as the school office.  Look at your child’s folder nightly – you’ll find it a most effective communication tool!