Lost and Found

A lost and found collection is maintained on a large pegboard in the cafeteria corridor.  This gives students an opportunity to check for missing items on a daily basis, on their way into lunch.  Lost items not claimed by the end of the school year will be donated to a charitable organization.  PLEASE label all of your child's apparel, school supplies, and lunch box/bag for easy identification and return.

Toy Alert

To prevent loss or damage, students should only bring toys and personal recreation items to school when they are needed for an assignment or when requested by teachers.  Sparks Elementary will not be responsible if any items brought to school such as: Yu-Gi-Oh or other trading cards, radios, CD or tape players, cameras, Gameboys, etc. are damaged, lost, or stolen. Students should not bring these items to school. No trading of any personal items is allowed on school property.