Field Trips

Frequently, field trips are scheduled to extend the students' learning experiences.  Notices will be sent home describing each field trip.  It is imperative that any money and the permission slip be returned, signed by parents, at least 3 days in advance of the field trip.  This ensures that the money is available in the account and that the check can be written in advance to pay for the field trip.  It also gives teachers time to follow up on students who have not returned permission slips in order to eliminate confusion at the last minute.  If your child is absent on a field trip day, we are unable to reimburse the field trip fee.  The field trip fee is based on a predetermined number of students and the money is disbursed on the day of the trip.  Written permission from the parents is required for a child to participate in any field trip.  Often there is a need for several parent volunteers to accompany children.  If you are selected to assist during a field trip please make every effort to attend since everyone is counting on you.  Preschool siblings are not permitted to attend field trips.  Students attending school sponsored field trips must ride the bus to the destination.

If parents are chaperoning the trip, they may give a written note to the teacher stating that they are transporting their child home. They may only take their own child home.

Supervision on Field Trips

There are several things it is important for you to be aware of when you are acting as a chaperone on a field trip.  You are assuming the supervisory responsibility for students and their safety.

Never take students off site without the prior knowledge and approval of the teacher-in-charge.

Please refrain from using cell phones on field trips except in the event of an emergency.

Since this is an educational activity, siblings are not allowed to attend.  Other daycare arrangements will need to be made by the parent.

All parents chaperoning field trips must have a "Volunteer Service Form" on file in the office, and must have participated in a Volunteer Orientation Training.