Student Behavior Handbook

All students will receive a copy of the Student Behavior Handbook during the first few weeks of school.  Administrators and the counselor will meet with each grade level to discuss the content of the handbook with all students. The handbook is then to be taken home by the child and shared with a parent.  Once you have reviewed this manual with your child there is a page for you to sign and have your child return to his/her teacher.  This will then be collected by the administration and kept on file throughout the year.

Behavior Policy

Each teacher is responsible for developing a behavior management plan with input from the students in his/her class.  It is our expectation that these guidelines will lead students to behave in a manner that will promote a productive learning environment.  Our students are expected to know and follow the rules and procedures of the classroom and the school.

Audience Behavior

Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior during all school assemblies and evening performances. Proper audience behavior includes sitting quietly and responding appropriately to the performance.

During evening performances, siblings must remain with parents at all times. Parents should accompany children who need to use the bathroom or to go out in the hallways. Following these guidelines will enhance the safety of all children and the enjoyment of the performance for all those attending.

Dress Code

            In order to create a more positive and respectful learning environment at Sparks School, the School Improvement Team has decided to implement the following Dress Code Guidelines.

The length of shorts or a skirt should not be shorter than your fingertips when you are standing with your arms down at your sides.
Shirts with spaghetti straps may only be worn with a shirt  over or under them.
Your stomach should not show.
Sneakers should be worn during gym class and at recess.
Make-up is not appropriate for elementary age students.
We encourage all parents to support these guidelines.