Special Areas

The Physical Education Program

All students at Sparks Elementary will be provided with and expected to participate in physical education classes.  It is important that students be prepared for activities with appropriate attire.  Active wear that allows ease of movement and tennis shoes are required for class (no slip-on shoes).  County policy prohibits unprepared students from participation for safety purposes. Students who are not prepared for class will not participate in the activities and will receive a written worksheet to complete for their daily grade. Parents will be notified of P.E. days so that you may help your child to be prepared for class.    Thank you for your cooperation.

The Vocal Music Program

The vocal music program provides students with the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate a wide variety of musical experiences on a regularly scheduled basis.

The program consists of:  singing (including foreign language songs and games, listening/appreciation, rhythm, playing percussion and melodic instruments, movement/dance, reading, and composing. Some grades will learn to play the recorder, which will require outside practice.

Instrumental Music Program

Instrumental music begins in fourth grade with the Exploratory Music Program. Each fourth grade class participates in Exploratory Music once a week throughout the entire year in order to learn the basics of playing the violin, clarinet, and trumpet. During the twelve weeks on each instrument, the students will explore the other members of the instrument family.

With this experience and knowledge, students (if they desire) select an instrument of their choice to play in fifth grade. Those students will meet with the Instrumental Music Teacher twice a week for lessons. An evening concert in winter and spring will showcase the accomplishments of the students taking instrumental music.

Art Program

All students at Sparks Elementary will have one class of art instruction each week throughout the year. The program at Sparks is based on: integrating classroom units of study with on-going art projects, exposure to the styles and techniques of famous artists, and implementing curriculum from the Baltimore County Art Guide.

Student art work is on display year round and can be seen on the lobby walls, bulletin boards, and in the office area. Please visit and see our creative students art work.